.Slight Change.

All my life i've been known as "Parris with the long hair". I am so over in an attempt to trim my ends, i chopped a little more than normal. When you see it you may "oh thats nothing" but those of you that know me well will tell the difference IMMEDIATELY. I am gradually cutting it off because i am too much of a chump to go all at once....



Here are the sonograms my bestie got today...we still dont know what she's having but its exciting trying to figure it out.

.& I Can Cry If I Want To.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! i am so blessed that the Lord let me see another year. @ 12 on the dot i was greeted with songs, dances, hugs & kisses from my closest friends here @ school. & when i signed onto facebook the, it got even better because i had numerous wall posts, some pictures and even some videos of my talented friends singing "Happy Bday" to me. [check me out on FB 'Parris Desiree' to see them]. Although its raining here in Atlanta, i am trying to enjoy my day because i am blessed & loved genuinely. This is my last year being able to say im a teenager & i plan to live it up. Thanks everyone...the day is just beginning.


.Old School.

I have been looking for this song{in the background} for months now & i finally found it on this old club heads site. Its called "Ex~Friend" & the original song is by someone named Lil Lucky but the late K-Swift remixed it in the 90's. This song reminds me of Teamsters, 92Q Kiddie Disco, & Hammerjacks on middle school night...
{took the song off but here's the link}

.Blind Love.

I saw Cadillac Records yesterday & the entire movie was amazing Beyonce played that part. She was cursing & crying all over the place. If you havent seen it stop reading because im about to ruin a small part for you. Anyway, Etta James{Beyonce} & Leonard Chess{Adrien Brody} have an affair & fall in love. Chess decides to sell the record label on which James was signed & in the scene she decides to sing one last song for him. It just so happens that song is a direct description of their situation. Beyonce must have been thinking about something tragic because she sang that song & cried all at the same time. While watching it i cried was touching. The scene, song, & lyrics are intense.

Here is a link to the video & the lyrics...

"Something told me it was over

When I saw you and her talkin'

Something deep down in my soul said, 'Cry, girl'

When I saw you and that girl walkin' around

Whoo, I would rather, I would rather go blind, boy

Then to see you walk away from me, child, no

Whoo, so you see, I love you so much

That I don't wanna watch you leave me, baby

Most of all, I just don't, I just don't wanna be free, no

Whoo, whoo, I was just, I was just, I was just

Sittin here thinkin', of your kiss and your warm embrace, yeah

When the reflection in the glass that I held to my lips now, baby

Revealed the tears that was on my face, yeah

Whoo and baby, baby, I'd rather, I'd rather be blind, boy

Then to see you walk away, see you walk away from me, yea

Whoo, baby, baby, baby, I'd rather be blind..."

.The Other Pea In My Pod.

Spotlight: Let Me Introduce You To...
Kristian B. AKA Krissy. We have been close for about 7 years now & i couldnt ask for a better cousin. We are like Salt & Pepper, totally different but go so well together. Every Saturday we got in the car around 1:30 in the afternoon and rode the city until we were worn out. People think we are crazy because u can catch us doing anything from riding with our feet out the window, the music on full blast & most famously singing the songs like we're the only two people on earth. We spend hours in Towson,love Passion Tea Lemonades from Starbucks & go to IHOP every weekend. She is a label whore & is a fashion design major @ Johnson & Wales in RI. Her going to college was the hardest thing for me to deal with and the seperation is still killing me, but the summer is coming & people better be ready. From my home town, meet Krissy.

.Bang Bang.

Simply put..these shoes are some bad motha shut your mouths...I'd kill for a pair & not even wear them. Thank you Chanel...


.Dime Divas Give it To Me.

I have been obssessed with this woman since "The Way I Are" when people had no clue as to who she was. She has been writing for people like Beyonce, Britney Spears, and Rihanna for years and now its her time to shine. This song {along with her version of Turn My Swag On} have been on repeat on my iPod for weeks now & I am too psyched that she released a video for it!!!! Check it out & buy her album that just hit stores 3.24.09. Her time is now & she WILL kill it!


.An Apple A Day.

"Women are like apples. Guys think the good apples at the top of the tree are too good 4 them, so they pick the bad apples off the ground because they are easy. The good apples think there is something wrong with them but in reality men are afraid of falling, when really we need a guy to build up the courage to climb the top and pick a good apple then we can be as bad as we wanna be"

-makes sense


Attending a HBCU has opened my eyes to what we call the GREEK LIFE. The upperclassman pride themselves on becoming apart of the prestigious fraternities & sororities on campus. Whether it be those sophisticated Deltas, sweet AKAs, nasty Q Dogs, smooth Kappas, or the down to earth Alphas its a big deal. Every now and then a week is dedicated to the celebration of one of the Greeks. This upcoming week belongs to the Alphas. They will have the promenade on lock & im sure they have some great things planned for their fellow students. Make sure you check out the "Miss Black & Gold" pageant on Thursday night & im sure the stroll off is on Friday. I must say i adore the men of Alpha Phi Alpha & love having friends on the line.


.Italian Treat.

Maya & I have something to say...
Today marks the official 1st day of spring & that means "FREE ITALIAN ICE @ RITA'S". For all the people that go to my school that ask "Who is Rita?", i have no idea, but i do know that if you have never had the sweet, juicy, icy flavorful thing in that red & white cup then you are deproved. I was priveliged to have one right next door to my job at home so they pretty much got all my money lol. They have every flavor you can think of from mango, strawberry, chocolate, lemonade, iced tea, cherry, blueberry,custard & or you can choose a Gelati which is the flavored ice with frozen custard on the bottom & top. I also love how they give you the punch cards {buy 10 & you get one free}, i didnt get to finish this last one because i started school, but anywho if you've never had it TRY IT!! for my friends here in the A there is one in the Underground & one by Perimeter.....

.Hump Wednesday.

I was too psyched when i heard the infamous AUC{atlanta university center} HUMP WEDNESDAY was returning. When i started at CAU last semester everyone was like come out to H.W., its hype blah, blah, blah. I just thought it was just some other event we always go to. NO SIR! I walked over to Morehouse and the crowd was massive. There was music playing, food smelling good, dancing, & a little of everything going on out there. I saw so many familiar faces & even the little midget Bow Wow. I immediately made it my business to attend every Wednesday. When the weather got cold the weekly event got put on hold & this past Wednesday the fun began again. I again saw people i hadnt seen in soooo long & it felt good to just chill. Here are a few pictures of what goes on {this is for you Marlena lol}

.To The Bay We Go.

So yesterday i was @ Hump Wednesday[a block party we have a Morehouse every wednesday] & they played this song.The entire crowd went OFF & they even started fighting. My homeboys from Cali told me that it was this guy named D Lo & the song was "No Hoe". The beat rocks & i love to see the Cali dudes dance to it. Shout Out to Mark, Terrance & Garrett. So check it out, put it on your iTunes/iPod, & play it loud[i sure do]


.New Addition.

So approximately one month ago my bestfriend called me with the news that she is PREGNANT. What the eff!!!! I cant even begin to express how excited I am to be gaining a god daughter/son. If its a girl WE are naming her Miyah{i chose the spelling} & we havent really thought of a boys name. i definitely have to get a car now so i can get my own car seat lol. Ill keep you guys posted!!!

.Promo Baybee.

As i was doing my usual midnight FB surfing, my chat popped up & it was none other than Chaalie! He was telling me how he loved my blog and it is "very entertaining stuff". Mr. Charlie Williams IV attends Morehouse College across the street and he is a very good friend of mine since day one. We both rep that good DMV & do so proudly. He is new to the Blogger scene & now he is on my faves list.

Check him out...



Spring Break '09. One of the best vacations i've ever been on. I went as a birthday gift from my mother & i am SO greatful. From Fat Tuesdays, the scooters, hours on the beach getting this pretty tan, FATBURGER & so much more. I miss it already. Even the rides there & back were fun. I really dont know what to say about the trip because i am living by the motto "What happens in Miami, stays in Miami". I just know im too happy that i didnt listen to those people who said "WHY ARE YOU GOING TO MIAMI IN YOUR FRESHMAN YEAR?" because they were the main ones sitting on campus or @ home BORED. lol. I live this life because i can & more importantly because i deserve it.

Pictures Are Worth 1000 Words:

.Put On For My City.

This song is old & i used to despise it honestly, but my sis has brought it back to life. A few guys from home formed a group {151 Boyz} and recorded a video on youtube for their song "Cheekies". When i went home for X~mas break the song was played in the club & i could not believe that entire club did it. I thought it was the funniest thing ever & i came back to school & showed my roomate. She hated it right along with me then one day last week she was singing it & i couldnt believe it. Now she plays it to death & is determined to learn the dance. I support anyone from home who is trying to do something positive & entertains. The song is growing on me & we played it to death last week while we were in Miami. No one really gets Baltimore so dont try...just watch the video & be easy.

like it? here's how to check them out

.Circadian Playlist.

I am lucky enough to be living with someone who adores music just as much as i do. My roomie & i leave the TV on 24/7 {literally- i mean its already paid for, im gonna get my $28,000 worth}, but its always on mute & we blast music like its nobodies business. We both have our preferences, she knows every India Arie album like i know every Lil Wayne mixtape. However, we do agree more than disagree & thats when the trouble starts. In between screaming to hear each other & people knocking on our door because its too loud we escape in our favorites for hours at a time. i just figured i'd share some of our recent list with you guys & maybe you'll grow to love it just as we do...

*Keri Hilson- Turn My Swag On

*Plies- All Black

*Cherish- Only One

*G-Spot Boyz- Stanky Leg

*1-50-1 Boyz- Cheekies

*Priscilla Renea- Emergency Room

*Drake- So Far Gone {entire mixtape}

.Two Up Two Down.

SPOTLIGHT: Let Me Introduce You To...
Miss Ashlee M. Judon. Hailing from VA[COME ON DMV] this chick is the coolest. She is a sophmore at CAU majoring in marketing. i just found out shes leaving me & going to GSU{{sad times}}. Our friendship began with a batch of choclate chip cookies{remember that?} & although we fell off for a minute we somehow "rekindled the flame" lol. Shes clumsy, silly, encouraging, outgoing, & genuine. & i adore her for it all. AIM buddy & FRIEND...Meet Ashlee

.Mr & Mrs Perfect.

Living in the south has changed my iTunes playlist a lot & i have added a TON of Gucci. Listening to his lyrics, i never once imagined him "wifed-up" & if he WAS my 1st guess would be Trina, Nikki, Kim or someone along those lines. So today i hear he is pursuing a woman in the entertainment industry. Immediately i become curious, i go snooping and much to my surprise its Mya. Sweet, subtle, flirty Mya! What a match right? But each his[or her] own. If she likes it...i love it

.Bama Baybee.

SPOTLIGHT: Let Me Introduce You To...

My Jessi Love AKA Chocolate Drop. I met her VIA Facebook & i said to myself "Who is the fool holding up an umbrella inside?" I later found out the umbrella was for Mardi Gras. We spent the entire orientation together & we have been inseperable since. Her intelligence & patience makes me strive to be a better person & i feel she has already influenced in a number of ways. She would give me her last & the clothes off her back & i wouldnt let a fly hurt her. Reigning from MOBILE,Alabama {hey MOB town lmao}...roomate, bestfriend, sister. Meet Jessica.

.& Before I Lay Me Down To Sleep.

Before i go to sleep i have to have a small snack, but recently its been the same snack lol. After i eat it & have the mandatory late night chat with Jessi, im set & ill be knocked out not too long after...just thought i'd share this with you guys...



One of my favorites these days is Jazmine Sullivan. Her album was amazing-i listen to it straight thru- & her live performance is nothing short of flawless. Listening to her vocals gives me chills because she has so much control over her voice and the one song that i have been addicted to since the album dropped in September 2008 is "In Love With Another Man". Yesterday she released her video for the song & though it is simple, it tells the story of the song in a whirl of tears, emotion, & passion. Check out the video for yourself...
"Passion makes the world go round, love just makes it a safer place"

.Tisk Tisk.

The Dream & Mariah Carey dropped a new video for their single "My Love". The video, directed by her beau Mr. Nick Cannon, is sweet & the story line actually fits the song {which is what i look for in a good video}. HOWEVER, i was disappointed that the soon to be 40 year-old Carey is still wearing corn rows. She is a beautiful woman & looks nowhere near her age, but she is DEAD WRONG for the braids. That says to the world that she isnt ready to be an adult. She couldve worn the waterfall curls, bone straight, even a ponytail, but no ma'm not the braids. Anywho, check out the video for yourself


.Cali Baybee.

so ive decided to do a feature once a week & im calling it

SPOTLIGHT: Let Me Introduce You To...
who do i want you to meet this week?
Miss Jac Gibson. AKA Ashley BKA Jac-Jac. i was first introduced to her at the CAU Orientation. she was my roomates OG[orientation guide for my friends at home lol]. she was the epitome of style with her fitted propped up, tennis{sneakers!}, funky glasses & t~shirt. she wore what she knew made her F.R.E.S.H & didnt give two shits of what anyone else thought. her personality oozed from her pores & lit up the room. we didnt hang much 1st semester but now we engage in silly, deep, & general convos every Tuesday & Thursday when we meet for Psychology. shes hilarious & we relate on a lot of things. she loves Taco Bell & hails from the great CALI-FOR-NI-A. something like a big Jac!


.Loui V.

i was surfing the web in search of a swim suit, then i drifted to the fact that they put a Louis Vuitton store in the one of my fave malls @ home. so excited, i went to see what they had coming for the spring & summer & i was very satisfied. unless i go home for a weekend i wont be home until the summer so ill be in PHIPPS soon to check out the new styles. here are some of the new things they have coming....

.Tyga Tyga.

so the 2nd love of my life {Jimmy is the 1st} released a new mixtape: Outraged & Underaged

i hopped off of So Far Gone just long enough to get into Tyga's new joint.

i would have to say that my favorite track so far is Circus Souvenir i think what caught me 1st is the beat, what i always look for in a mixtape are good beats THEN good lyrics. you cant get into the words if you cant get past the beat. so check out the entire album or just check out the song over there on your right