John & Porsch!
the cutest =)
yes! i cant put it down.
I've worked my ass off this semester & last night we were racking our brains tryna figure out what to do for some of the last parties, we decided on the Toga & i'm glad we did. I saw friends I haven't in weeks!! sober as I don't know what I had a GOOD time lol. It just reminded me of the amazing people I'm surrounded by...2012 went off in there as we do ANYWHERE. We worked HARD & I don't party often (in ATL anyway) so what the hell =)

& Janaye they played our Roscoe Dash, i danced for you lol


this is gonna be epic lol
didn't even know I was in the video smh
only the Philly/DC crew could make this happen lmao

ummm ok...
but shoutout to my CAU peers in the beginning lol
"you don't have a chance, i don't want you to die"
TOO much



im going to MISS wednesdays smh

Tre. R-Take Off Official Music Video from smooth geovonni on Vimeo.

showing support to my sister's buddy =)

summer 08 lol

"cuz you put up with that shit that i just wont deal with..."

"i guess the gaps in our relationship are where u thought you'd fit in...just an insecure woman chasing after a man who already got a woman"

"when he cant deal with all of me, he goes to you to get me off his mind...but he cant"

"so when he comes over tonight...lean back his head & look into his eyes, and you'll see ME waving back at u"

sorry i been on this poetry jam all day & i cant get enough of this "Woman to Woman" one

my FAVORITE poem
i love him lol

story of a father on the road
Morgan State DJ Battle @ Morgan State Student Center Tomorrow (4.29) @ 8!!
they know me in the gas station at the end of my street just because of these
too excited to get my shirt, i wanted the one they wore to the fashion show yesterday but i guess its "exclusive" lol thanks guys!

only if you let them but i like that this has no color to it or cute font because the statement is deep...

i swear i have always been a die hard Eminem fan
lmao #summertime
How HBCUs probate...congrats to the new Omega men =)


just how real is it?

"you done met this lil stray bringing fleas round here" lmao
my Mook posted this & I just had to share, these two right here keep me dying laughing & i miss them!! we gotta go out when i get home!! they call themselves dougie'n haha
lol how cute =)
she isn't clingy because she cares . Isn’t psycho because she wants to know who you're with . Isn’t doubtful because she fears losing you . Isn't insecure because she thinks another girl isn’t pretty. She isn’t boring because you don’t see her dolled up anymore , she just feels comfortable . Don’t blame her if she doesn’t call you all the time , she doesn’t want you to think she’s crazy . She just wants you to have some space . When you ask your girlfriend if you can do something and she says yes , it doesn’t always mean sure , go ahead . Yes she trusts you , she just doesn’t always trust the people around you . She’s not territorial . She’s not controlling . She just likes you , wants you to stay , and is just being the normal , caring , loving , will-do-anything type of girlfriend she is . So don’t break promises , even though we know you will . So don’t ignore her , even though we know sometimes you do . Don’t take advantage of her kindness , even though you already have . & Don’t hurt her . Us girls don’t ask for much , just a moment of your time , a hand to hold , shoulder to cry on, & ears that will actually listen . We don’t expect you to be perfect because we already think your perfect for us . Your imperfections just make us love you more and more . So don’t hurt her , because she dropped her guard for you .
i hate when someone assumes you've never been through anything in your life just because you don't complain every chance you get...

if only you knew...everyone has a story
aww this was on tv last night...i had to watch it alone tho =( lol