how rude?

i do wanna thank my AVID readers!!!
you know who you are...
thanks for all the comments, RT's, quotes etc etc!!
i love you
im not finished just relocating!!!

that is all


i switched to Tumblr.....
but im not ready to get all into it yet...
but i probably wont be posting on here too much unless its important =)

World's Ugliest Shoes?
see the rest....

PS: im still gonna wear my Uggs in the winter!


omg i used to be obsessed with these

"i'm just a string on his guitar, he would never know that im in pain, waiting for a song that he cant play.....
I love a boy who doesn't feel.
Believes what he says until it's real.
All that I want, you can be,
But you can not pretend that long for me."

but, i remember when it wasn’t even like that.

and you had nothing to say to no one, but me.

now it’s like you don’t even know me.

and that’s fine.

i just think it’s becoming fake.

you’re suppose to be “real” remember?"

phatfffat who lol
chewing that gum mid note is SO wrong tho

Jessi!!! this used to be our song!!

she has a song coming out with Nicki im excited!
i love pictures like this....


i was just talking about this yesterday smh

"I hit the club when you left me thinking that could heal Trying to celebrate my Independence Day Will Smith"


one word.
lol crazy smh

The KREEMO store dropped at midnight & I am so proud of my friends & their fellow business partners!!
this is only the beginning guys!!
i wish you well & you'll always have a supporter over here!!

{be sure to check out the artwork, pictures & blog but of course get a Tee & Button}



"you know what? yes I've changed im not as nice as I used to be because I dont want to get hurt or walked over. I dont trust everyone & tell them my secrets, because behind every fake smile is a backstabbing bitch. I distance myself from people because in the end, they're only going to leave. I have changed because Ive realized im the only person I can count on"
so i just clicked this new "Stats" tab Blogger has & this is what i found =D

there's too much to post but im just pleased with what i see
thanks so much guys (even my foreign friends i didnt know i had)

gotta get me a Comme de Garcon cardigan for the fall =)
"you're the only one i love the only man i know that I can trust, & if i ever should need you i know you'll come, ready 2 kill with a smoking gun"


Dear Summer Promo Video. from Kreemo on Vimeo.