.The Bomb.

Dont eff with "America"

.Out Of Line.

On April 26, Beenie Man performed in Barbados at the "Reggae On The Hill" festival & Rihanna was on stage enjoying the music of her nationality. During a rendition of her hit Umbrella he decided to switch the words "me no have no fancy car, but me nah give you no scar"...


.You ARE The Father.

there is no way Usher could ever deny his child, correctly named Usher Raymond V.


Although i thought Obsessed wasnt that great of a movie [it was VERY predictable & Lifetime'y] the dress B wore to the premiere in NYC is to die for...

.Oink Oink.

it takes the SWINE FLU to hit for African Americans to be scared of pork...
100 people get it & everyone wants masks
over one million people have AIDs & no one wants to wear condoms


.Whats Ya Name.

this song is played repeatedly here in the A & as you can assume i have started to like it...

therefore i made it the song of the week...


.Reunited & It Feels So Good.



.Eff You See Kay.

some days i just wish i wasnt so irritated by the childish things people do...
dont take everything so personal

.Too Official.

Just because Brian is THE coolest & i said i would...

check out B.Wright & Kreemo...

.Thank You For Bein A Friend.

Even though i didnt grow up on it, this show has helped me laugh through some tough evenings when its repeats aired on Lifetime. I could not wait to sing along to the theme song & see what the ladies would go through today. Even though they were "mature", i could still relate to some issues & found them HILARIOUS. Unfortunately, April 25, 2009 the world lost one of its girls Beatrice Arthur, who played Maude on All In The Family & more famously Dorothy Zbornak on Golden Girls. She was 86 & suffering from cancer. R.I.P. Bea...



ok so I met this guy while I was in Miami & I found out that he was an up & coming rap artist. After listening to a few of his songs I liked what I heard. Come to find out we have some mutual friends here in the AUC and I came across one of his videos. Even though Keri Hilson's is my ultimate favorite, I like his version of Turn My Swag On. I am always proud when guys display whatever talents they possess & I wanna provide exposure anyway I can here it goes!
Meet Nefu Da Don...

wanna hear more?



I went to a HA2 Juke Fest this weekend & there were chapters from cities all over dancing & i kept hearing this song. My roomate -being from Mobile- knew that it was by Rich Boy & i fell in love with it. So i decided to make it the song of the week....there is some speculation that he used the beat from "A Milli" but i dont hear it, however him & Wayne did use the same producer {Bagledesh} but so what!! I like the song & i have been trying to find out who is the girl on the sample & what the heck she is saying...


So at home everyone like ADORES Chipotle [especially the MD/DC ppl] and I was the only one who hadnt experienced the "greatness". So today me & Chelle went & i ordered a chicken burrito w/the works & my verdict: I DONT THINK IT WAS EVERYTHING THAT EVERYONE SAID IT WOULD BE....i eat Moe's here in ATL & it is WAY better than this place...sorry guys



this is by far my favorite song on Ne-Yo's album & he finally dropped the video...I dont know if this is the right time to release a ballad[seeing as though its getting warm] but its Ne-Yo so i couldnt care less...


.Broadcast Yourself.

I spend my times of boredum & solitude on YouTube & I have recently added this video to my favorites. A girl in my Psych class presented on it & I cried tears in really do the darndest things & they pick up on EVERYTHING. This toddlers father is the Pastor @ this church & he shows how attentive he is to his dad....



Me & my sister have been partying with this group for a LONG time now & i have close friendships with a few of them & enjoy their events a lot. I honestly miss home & am looking forward to being apart of the Takeova scene once again...


Two videos I miss from the 90's

Total was everything back then signed under the infamous Diddy & Missy. I played their singles repeatedly today on the iPod & was surprised I remembered every word to this especially the "doo doo" part...the song was featured on my favorite movie "Soul Food" soundtrack.

Uncle Sam the 1 hit wonder who was one of the few R&B singers that exposed the fact that women cheat too...I love love love this song

[youtube wont let me embedd the effn vid so here is the song]

& here is the link for the video

.Fast Food Horrors.

This is beyond disgusting but I must admit I cracked up the entire video...mostly because I dont care for Dominos pizza. Be warned this could deter you from taking advantage of the 555 deal lol!!!

FYI: they have been fired...


.Free Music.

If you're already in the loop on this [good for you] but for those of you that do not know there is ABSOLUTELY free music on

Here is how it works:

  • go to the site

  • search for song/album/artist

  • open your iTunes[make sure its your default music player]

  • start/music/iTunes folder/iTunes music

  • open the song your looking for [track side]

  • play it to check for skips/radio edits etc

  • hit download on the bottom left

  • then download now

  • save

  • once its downloaded go to the music folder you opened and double click the song

  • it will open & play in your iTunes

  • edit & add to iPod

.Song of the Week.

I have always enjoyed laughing at Hannah Montana on Disney Channel & I just started listening to her music. Her movie has an amazing soundtrack [for my eclectic friends] & this is my favorite song on the album. Its called "The Climb" & is very inspirational...


Since their first album I have been addicted to Nina Sky. Twins Natalie & Nicole Albino, hail from Queens, NY by way of Puerto Rico. Their infamous song "Move Ya Body" & 1st album displayed their island origins but this song rides on the "Empowered Woman" train we are all on. Watch the video & add the song to your iPod. ENJOY!

.4 Ur Pod.

Ne-Yo is one of the few artists whose albums I can listen to straight through & he just released a new song that I love already...its entitled Decisions I love it & I hope you do too...

People slept on ex-DC3 members first album, but Letoya Luckett does it for me & I pray that this upcoming album is even better. Here is a track that will be on it. "Lady Love"

.New Doo.

I think I want new hair...& this is the style im looking towards.



.Bun In The Oven.

Yesterday Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon were spotted leaving to IVF Clinic in California adding more to the speculations of her pregnancy. You take a look at the pics yourself & decide...
but im just wondering about the dress??? for the clinic though??


  • I've given up on [u] kidd
  • I added massive amounts of club music to my Pod today
  • twitter is only fun when I have "@" messages
  • I spent saturday evening with a good friend
  • guys tell me what they think I wanna hear but little do they know...

Goodnight world


Lil Nudy is getting down & he is adorable Ecko jeans & my dude jig


.Filet Mignon.

heard this song at FREQUENCY on Thursday & I love it...

.Bow WOW.

i dont even know what to say...

.& A Good Friend Once Said.

"It [honesty] is the best policy cuz at the end of the day lies only create foolishness"




I sometimes wish I was old enough to date when guys were remembering "Our Anniversary" not when its time to "Beep, Beep"

When they were "Feenin" & not "Just Wanna F*ck"

If we broke up he would promise "If I Ever Fall In Love Again" not "You Don't Have To Call"

& when I was his "Beauty" "Everything" or "Sweet Lady"

not his "Bust It Baby" "Shorty" or "My Nigga"

...maybe it is DEAD & GONE

"We women are unaware of the power we possess the sooner we realize, the sooner we can quit sayin 'niggas aint shit'. We allow them to be 'shit' to us instead of demanding what we deserve..."


.Swept Off My Feet.

So today i was at the Mall of Georgia getting my shop on in Forever thing i know the freakin fire alarms went off IN EVERY STORE. The associates went right on ringing people up & letting people try things on. I walk up to one of them like "Ok so whats going on?" She ever so calmly says "Oh its just a tornado" WTF??!! So being as though we do NOT have those at home I asked her "When were you going to inform your shoppers?" she said "I take it you arent from here" Before i could respond the security in the mall instructed us to move against the walls of the store and remain calm. YEA RIGHT! I was flipping out & i will admit i shed a tear or two. Hours went by & after checking with my roomate on the news, I left the mall. I am so blessed to have made it out safely, after praying repeatedly. This is not something i want to experience again.



Just a few thoughts before I hit the sack...

  • "summer french" nails & "sweet" toes for Easter Break

  • "Shorty" txts me to say goodnight, then I can fall asleep

  • FB chat is trouble

  • George Lopez is only funny @ this hour

  • 75 & sunny is my kind of weather

  • strawberry applesauce...MMMMM

  • i miss my job

  • i smell like "passion flower"


Ok so tonight I went to Taco Bell with my bookie DeChelle & we were chatting about the difference in Southerners & Northerners....[dont even get me started]. So to just prove our point, we hear this noise behind the car, look & its a group of people standing behind the car. The guy on the left had his hands up like it was on a wheel & he was CRACKIN up. Chelle rolled down the window & asked simply "is there a problem?" & in their southern accents they said "naw we just kidding". She rolled her eyes & the window up & said "see..." lmao. I truly adore people from the dirty but me being from where I am the "friendliness" is too much at times. I like it but that was just extreme. At home they would've got LAYED out for standing close to someones car...then we look & its a huge group of them. They are from Stillman College & came here on a bus. The bus didnt wanna take them through the drive-thru so they WALKED!
i hope this doesnt offend anyone im just keeping it real & telling it how i see it...[if this pisses you off think about how we feel when you guys ask us if we carry guns & why we're always so hostile]


Blood Is Thicker...

SPOTLIGHT: Let Me Introduce You To... My blood, my twin, my older sister Shatawn AKA Tawni. When we were little we spent every weekend together @ MaMa's in Westport but as we grew up we became distant. In these past few months we've become the closest we've ever been & i LOVE it. We look exactly alike, are both silly as they come, & have the smartest mouths[thanks Dad] & i adore her. My love, hermana más vieja, the real long hair dont Tawni


When my roomates bff came up to visit us during her spring break she introduced us to this song & it didnt really phase me until my "friend" told me to listen to it again....Now its on constant play on the iPod & i listen to it while i get dressed in the morning.

Its called "Birthday Sex" by Jeremih[no i didnt spell it wrong], hes from Chicago & is VERY handsome if i may say so....the song is playing in the background...hope u like it!!!


So last night I was talking to my cousin about some things that had me down, she made me feel better with her words but the best thing she has ever done for me was send me this video LMAO....

.No No.

So today I was strolling down the Promenade on my way back to the dorm & I noticed people laughing around me. Being the loser that I am, I automatically assumed it was me...looking around I saw what everyone was looking at. This guy was proudly toting a pink & blue Dora bookbag. I have never really understood the whole "book bag" phase anyway but this is just pushing it. All I have to say is that this is a grown man, and there was no little girl with him...
problem much?



If you thought that I was perfect
Boy you were wrong
Im far from that
There's one thing that i've done to you that
i REGRET & I know its no excuse
Im only human & young at that
& im gonna make mistakes
& hope you understand....

i feel less than NOTHING

lower than ZERO


.Dont Tell Her That To Her Face Tho.


Sarah Hyland is THE funniest white girl EVER...




.Dead & Gone.

"Swag: apperance, style, or the way he or she presents themselves"
WOMP WOMP back in 2008 when Soulja Boy became Mr. Hip Hop [still dont understand that] the word swag became a phenomenon. As of now, it is DEAD. Let by gones be by gones and lets choose another one people. Especially my friends in the AUC who wear the shit out....ugh! Enough already. This includes all forms i.e. "swagg" "swag" "swagtastic" "swaggerific" and all other words from the English dictionary you people mashed with it to make it "cool". So lets kill it ppl....k??? THANKS...



& i snatched up a "BIG brown bag"

filled with denim, v-necks, & pumps


.Skate Song.

When i was in the 5th grade i used to go skating every single friday night {7-11} and i thought i was so grown because my mother wasnt with me lol. Anywho,the song you hear in the background had EVERYONE on the rink and its truly a Baltimore joint. Tim Trees is the artist, he hasnt really made much music since this time but who cares...this song is a classic at home.
I will admit its a little vulgar, but its nothing you have never heard{or said} before lol.

.Quote Me.

if its true love it never ends...

it changes

grows deeper

more profound

it morphs into different manifestations

but its always there....

true love lasts

through time


& distance....




here are some new videos i thought you guys wanted to see....the videos are good but the songs go hard...

Trey Songz- Brand New
{be on the lookout for my boy Drake & my love Jimmy in the video}

Ginuwine- Last Chance



just in case you wanted to see how else i display my personality on the web/hit me up etc.....

twitter icon Pictures, Images and Photos:couture327

aim Pictures, Images and Photos:dezi4u06

facebook Pictures, Images and Photos:Parris Desiree

myspace icon Pictures, Images and Photos:

Sidekick Slide Pictures, Images and

.Who Me.

So in the dorm i live in we had superlative voting & you would not believe what i won?

MOST OUTSPOKEN! hahaha...i dont even have much to say on that topic.

here are some other winners:

Most Swag: Deanii

Most Popular: Jasmine{NuNu}

Most Likely to Cuss You Out: DeChelle

Prettiest: Medinah

Best Singer: Kandyce
i guess these do fit us well...

.Childs Play.

So every morning i wake up to NickJr. {because i fall asleep to the hilarious George Lopez on Nick @ Nite}. On Thursdays, i wake up to what has become my favorite show, The Backyardigans. What made me open my eyes and really watch it was-the theme song of course- but how soulful the characters sounded singing. So i went to my ride or die source GOOGLE, and found out that the creator was a black woman. Watching the characters dance and sing {and even though they are blue, green and yellow} i just imagined them as small African American children. I feel like this is what we need instead of that off-key singing, corny adventures and subliminal prejudice. If they just showed Dora, The Backyardigans & Spongebob all morning, Nick would be fine with me...

heres a clip with the theme song....

.Cherry Is No More.

ATTENTION! ATTENTION! Someone has just joined the "Blogger" scene. Say hello to Miss O AKA My Baby Mama BKA My Wifey! Also a member of the infamous DMV and a student here @ CAU, "Baby Hoop" is something else. My dad always said there would be one person you meet who no matter how your day is going, seeing them will let you know there are good ppl in this world. O is that lady. With that lively smile, chic style of dress, & witticism she is sure to make you laugh. Anywho, i effn adore this woman & if you disagree [[kill yourself]] meaning that in THE nicest way.
heres how an average convo of ours goes:

"my dearest O:whilest sitting in my room...i said to myself "self?" & myself said "hmm?"and i said "write on O's wall" & myself says "damn good idea"and whadda kno HERE I AM...
~P "

"ugh, that prob. just made my day !!! i heart u end of story. everytime i think of juicy couture i also think of youso i think thats a good example of love. just some reflections.
lovingly yours - wifey piece/shawty junt "