my brother @Baby_Blair.... oh & Meagan Good
haha this reminds me of home for some reason
Selena Quintanilla Perez April 16, 1971 – March 31, 1995
"the smallest gestures mean the most to a lady in love...keep your coins, gimmie your time"


no matter what you are my sister & I am blessed to have you in my life....
we have SO much between us that I could mention, from the inside jokes that piss ppl off, to our favorite spots to go (shoutout to Pookie!), that.....incredible summer we had lol, and the SONGS (cherish, twista etc) that all have their own meaning & how no would ever understand us....some of this stuff I'm taking to my grave lmao

you've been there for all my secrets, tears, laughs, failures & achievements & I will never forget you for that! i appreciate & love you!!

welcome to the 20 club (haha I say that like I've been there for MONTHS)


just some memories:
  • the artscape
  • dip him like a breadstick
  • rock off, shake off & takeover the world
  • psh!
  • club one
  • 10 pc & sweet tea
  • our sarcastic photoshoot in Valentinos
  • SKATEWORKS #dead
  • checkers drive-thru
  • guitar HERO & ryan with that track piece
  • you being a spy @ 6 flags lmfao (thanks tho)


the only Jelly Beans i eat.
i love these more than Reeses & Turtle tracks combined!
thank you Starburst

every word.


RevRunWisdom of the week;
  • Immature Love SAYS I love you,, Mature love SHOWS IT
  • A TRUE man or woman of God love's God waaaay to much to cheat
  • Ladies be wise::::You dont need ANYONE who doesnt need you!
  • Ladies remember::: When u truly luv urself u take crap from no one
  • Love is when the other persons happiness means more than your own
Jawbreaker Movie Pictures, Images and Photos
"nobody knows i have a secret smile & i save it just for you"

GaGa who?
i cant! i love them to pieces but i cant
i LOVED this movie
i didn't even care that the entire thing is in francais


one of the best birthdays i've had in awhile. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO MADE IT WHAT IT WAS!


ALSO Happy Birthday to my favorite tia & twin Stacey!!!!
she's in the A too!
So today is my 20th birthday & I can no longer be called a teen =) I'm so blessed to see another year & I still can't believe I'm TWEN-TY! lol I have been through a lot since last March 27th and looking back, I'm thankful. I met a SLEW of new people, who I've grown to love, a group of kids (from work) that made an impact on my life, improved my college experience (academically & socially), started a wonderful relationship (i love you Snook), became closer than ever to my Sister and my best friend in this world blessed me with a god daughter. I would say I've had a good one. There is so much I want to say in this post, so much gratitude I want to show but my mind is doing 982982 things (as always) and it's difficult. I want to thank my mother, best friends, Jess, boyfriend, Amber and DEFINITELY my big sister Shatawn for helping me through some rough situations, even if they couldn't do much, they listened & most times that's all I needed. I wanna thank my blog readers, ya'll mean more to me than you know =)
Thank you for ALL the love/txts/phone calls/tweets/fb posts/songs/videos/oovoos & skypes I got!!!!
This year will be good for me, I've known that since January 2010 but now I can really celebrate =)




#summertime meal
im trying to amp myself up!
going through my friends album & she posted cute.
"the little things matter the most"



why have i never seen this...
i cant take him much as i love him...i just CANT.
omg! my homeboy was joking me today in class today because he says I ALWAYS say this haha! shoutout!
if someone went through my Google Search history...they may judge me lol i seriously Google EVERYTHING.

i miss you so much.
dynamic duo.
haha thanks Malkia for digging this up...Junior Prom
it keeps me sane....swear
between this blog & my book I "vent" everyday
sometimes its one sentence or a quote or a paragraph or 5 pages or a picture that says so much more than any words I could write...
sometimes its happy,sometimes its so sad
but its all there
& it works for me, always has, always will