.Put On For My City.

This song is old & i used to despise it honestly, but my sis has brought it back to life. A few guys from home formed a group {151 Boyz} and recorded a video on youtube for their song "Cheekies". When i went home for X~mas break the song was played in the club & i could not believe that entire club did it. I thought it was the funniest thing ever & i came back to school & showed my roomate. She hated it right along with me then one day last week she was singing it & i couldnt believe it. Now she plays it to death & is determined to learn the dance. I support anyone from home who is trying to do something positive & entertains. The song is growing on me & we played it to death last week while we were in Miami. No one really gets Baltimore so dont try...just watch the video & be easy.

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