.i see ya jealousy.

my baby sis bday party
be there
cuz anybody who's anybody will be
my lil Fendi/Prada chick



i will be in line @ 12 lol


i have liked this song for a long time & i love Trina!!!




.rules from Ivory.

1. Tell em what they want to hear

2. Play them all only treat one like the real thing.

3. Don't blow up their phone.

4. Never fuck a catholic school boy.;)

6. Talk to whoever you want for your benefit.

7. Pick them wisely.

8. Don't ever pick a nigguh over your main.

11. Keep it 98, because 100 is tmi.

12. Kiss some of em, Love none of em.

-baby sis' bff


.2 snaps.

i am very pleased with this choice of outfit. B has been looking rough lately & this little come back is doing her much justice.




  • midnight visits

  • your jealous rants

  • smirk to your smile

  • "shawty"

i'll be back sooner than later...

.happy bday.

3rd engagement ring...
sent from the slammer...


she is on her BOSS for this album cover...


my old keys...
womp -i guess i can write them off as memories
gimp i found!!
remember that?!

.love me not.

6252.) What I miss most is that feeling of just starting a relationship, waiting for that persons call, or them to come online. The butterflies in your stomach and the big smile you have on your face after an amazing first date. I think I'm addicted too it, and this prevents me from having a long relationship because after the first few months, its never the same

after seeing this on my sis' tumblr i realize this may just be true...
my ex always said i think like a dude...




don't get comfortable...
i'll be back to my real life soon...
im just using {you} for the moment...



i had no idea guys everywhere do this...
i think its disgusting...
{thanks YBF}

.these are the times.

these with a half & half or a Arizona
the porch


promised u a better one...


who has the best abs?
Alysa,Omarion, Teyana, or CB?

.la la la.

i could go for some apple pie right now

this pic makes me want some

Mr. Brooklyn here i come





found this on my sisters tumblr{http://ilmeilyilher.tumblr.com/} of which i am an avid reader. i am ashamed to say i fed into the stereotypes that my peers before me created . i wish this video included many other high schools in the Baltimore city area & their stereotypes {Mervo, Forest Park etc}. Its sad but so true...


.praise him.



guess this is video day

my favorite singing scenes...
i couldnt find the one from the 5 Heartbeats

.no ma'm.

i so love him...

.jerkin again.

i've liked her for s really long time

another talent that is slept on


this isnt a good pic but im too lazy to keep searching for one for this years festival
anywho its THIS weekend {7.17-7.19} & you know the deal about what goes on.
get this: they kept it as a free event thank GOODNESS!
im excited...[sis & i are going] this is the only thing {besides seein my family} that i was excited about comin home for....
EVERYONE comes out!!
ill be posting pics from the event so stay tuned...
im sure there will be some BFS's there for sure!!


i feel like i posted this pic for something else before but i was looking at some albums from school daze & i smiled at this one for the simple fact it makes me miss the AUC so much!
its so weird because its just Jaz & me in the pic but it reminded me of that night at Derrick's house playin that dumb game lol.
40 something days.



i have to admit i like it...



In 1952, Lovie Yancey created something unique. A culture. A phenomenon, if you will. She created the biggest, juiciest hamburgers anyone had ever seen. So obviously, there was only one name for them – Fatburger. Half a century later, while other places are just discovering taste, we're still making hamburgers the way she did. Fresh lean beef, not frozen patties. Cooked-to-order, just the way you want it, every time. The only thing Lovie loved as much as hamburgers was music. So you'll hear some of the best music ever blasting from kickin' new jukeboxes: Rock'n'Roll, R&B, Hip-Hop, and Classic Soul that'll keep you groovin' in your chair long enough to finish that big juicy burger. We'd love to tell you about the late night talk show hosts and rap stars who've made us the happenin' place—but our attorneys won't let us. (And, of course, restaurant critics keep naming us the best burger in town, but you don't care about those guys.) Now here's just a few things to make you drool over your keyboard: onion rings made from real onions. Hand-scooped, real ice cream shakes. Great tasting chili. And fries cooked in 100% cholesterol-free oil. All served with a smile. Fatburger. Distinctive seasonings and attitude since 1952.

so i tried this place when i went to the 305...
they hand make the burgers, like take the beef & mold it with their hands, no "perfectly round" frozen patties...just messy goodness
my favorite "add-in" : fried egg
i found one 15 minutes from school but the closest one to Baltimore city is 35 minutes away in Elkridge, MD...its not that good

.so pretty.

very rare that artist sing well live.

well thank you Maxwell!




with the club mix in the background...


unh unh!!

no ma'm





i am very pleased with my 1st paycheck!



"if its true love it never ends...it changes, grows deeper, more profound, it morphs into different manifestations but its always there....true love lasts through time space & distance...."


.cali baybee.

lmao on his West Coast shit...
Christian this is a good pic!

.break up.


just a few thoughts before work...

  • i hate waiting for these workers to come out & fix things in my house
  • im looking at Bahama Breeze's menu...
  • i want this Juicy keyboard but its light pink & the Dell is dark
  • the mouse matches though
  • work should be...interesting
  • the boy nxt door wears fake Gucci


"Cyclothymia (pronounced /ˌsaɪkləˈθaɪmiə, ˌsɪklə-/) is a mood disorder and a form of bipolar disorder. It is defined in the bipolar spectrum. Specifically, this disorder is a form of bipolar II disorder consisting of recurrent mood disturbances between hypomania and dysthymic mood. A single episode of hypomania is sufficient to diagnose cyclothymic disorder; however, most individuals also have dysthymic periods. The diagnosis of cyclothymic disorder is never made when there is a history of mania or major depressive episode or mixed episode. The lifetime prevalence of cyclothymic disorder is 0.4-1%. The rate appears equal in men or women, though women more often seek treatment."



Frankie in what looks like Little 5 Points {ATL}

acting a fool honey...


guess she decided to show face....
"NewNew isnt the only one with his seed"



.shoot out.

Bullets Fly Near Clark Atlanta Campus
Posted: 4:39 pm EDT July 8, 2009

Updated: 7:08 pm EDT July 8, 2009

ATLANTA -- The Atlanta Police Department is investigating a shooting near the campus of Clark Atlanta University.
A representative for Clark Atlanta University told Channel 2 Action News reporter Ryan Young that university police spotted two men arguing on a nearby street with guns. The representative said that when university police officers asked the men to drop their weapons, the men refused.

A representative said the men fired in the direction of the officers, at which point the officers returned fire, striking one of the men.




this & the one below premiere tomorrow.


oh yes

finally he is shooting @ home...


(notice the first time he says "baldimore" in his accent then he tries to say it correctly after that...womp)

go to http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/index.php July 9th to see the entire video



thank you so much MT for this!!!
i knew he was GAY


i laughed until i cried tears.




one of my favorite songs.

it was so big

yet he never made a video for it



we need more ppl like this


this bag {i despise the word purse} reminds me of my Maya. However i would definitely be caught accessorizing with it.
James Piatt.


mi familia
i miss every bit of them
thanks for everything

.old school.

my Daddy {far right} my god fathers{left & middle} & their friend back in the dizay!
check the Hugo Boss




its true....
danger danger


i was in a car accident yesterday...guy ran a red light & the entire back of my moms car is GONE.
i am so blessed that the Lord decided it wasnt our time to join him because i couldnt live w/o my mother & i know she feels the same. we had luckily just dropped my brother off to his dad so he was ok. i just cried when i realized we were ok. the car spun to face traffic but they had the red light so we werent gonna be hit. i was never a big "church" person, but i do know & have a relationship with God & i am truly greatful for his blessing. they say live everyday as if its your last & i honestly agree. kill the grudges & pissy attitudes. ITS ALL GOOD!


drama sucks

but when its with family

it SUPER sucks



what i like is what i like
do not place a label on my preference
this is who i am
Tuesday it may be you
& August 2nd it may be them
depends on how the wind blows
or if it blows at all
if thats who makes me smile that particular time
thats where my eyes will shift
have a whole lot of life to live

.all white.

i dont care what anyone has to say
the chick is BAD

.& another one.


.celeb sitings.

i can dig it