.Circadian Playlist.

I am lucky enough to be living with someone who adores music just as much as i do. My roomie & i leave the TV on 24/7 {literally- i mean its already paid for, im gonna get my $28,000 worth}, but its always on mute & we blast music like its nobodies business. We both have our preferences, she knows every India Arie album like i know every Lil Wayne mixtape. However, we do agree more than disagree & thats when the trouble starts. In between screaming to hear each other & people knocking on our door because its too loud we escape in our favorites for hours at a time. i just figured i'd share some of our recent list with you guys & maybe you'll grow to love it just as we do...

*Keri Hilson- Turn My Swag On

*Plies- All Black

*Cherish- Only One

*G-Spot Boyz- Stanky Leg

*1-50-1 Boyz- Cheekies

*Priscilla Renea- Emergency Room

*Drake- So Far Gone {entire mixtape}

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