.Hump Wednesday.

I was too psyched when i heard the infamous AUC{atlanta university center} HUMP WEDNESDAY was returning. When i started at CAU last semester everyone was like come out to H.W., its hype blah, blah, blah. I just thought it was just some other event we always go to. NO SIR! I walked over to Morehouse and the crowd was massive. There was music playing, food smelling good, dancing, & a little of everything going on out there. I saw so many familiar faces & even the little midget Bow Wow. I immediately made it my business to attend every Wednesday. When the weather got cold the weekly event got put on hold & this past Wednesday the fun began again. I again saw people i hadnt seen in soooo long & it felt good to just chill. Here are a few pictures of what goes on {this is for you Marlena lol}