.Cali Baybee.

so ive decided to do a feature once a week & im calling it

SPOTLIGHT: Let Me Introduce You To...
who do i want you to meet this week?
Miss Jac Gibson. AKA Ashley BKA Jac-Jac. i was first introduced to her at the CAU Orientation. she was my roomates OG[orientation guide for my friends at home lol]. she was the epitome of style with her fitted propped up, tennis{sneakers!}, funky glasses & t~shirt. she wore what she knew made her F.R.E.S.H & didnt give two shits of what anyone else thought. her personality oozed from her pores & lit up the room. we didnt hang much 1st semester but now we engage in silly, deep, & general convos every Tuesday & Thursday when we meet for Psychology. shes hilarious & we relate on a lot of things. she loves Taco Bell & hails from the great CALI-FOR-NI-A. something like a big Jac!

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Ash.BabY said...


Parris hunni!!!
Let me tell u how DETERMINED.
I was to find my 1st shout out lolz.

I know, I know, THIRSTY.

On a 4 real note though I L0V3 you to death P baby!!
Definitely made the day.