.Bama Baybee.

SPOTLIGHT: Let Me Introduce You To...

My Jessi Love AKA Chocolate Drop. I met her VIA Facebook & i said to myself "Who is the fool holding up an umbrella inside?" I later found out the umbrella was for Mardi Gras. We spent the entire orientation together & we have been inseperable since. Her intelligence & patience makes me strive to be a better person & i feel she has already influenced in a number of ways. She would give me her last & the clothes off her back & i wouldnt let a fly hurt her. Reigning from MOBILE,Alabama {hey MOB town lmao}...roomate, bestfriend, sister. Meet Jessica.

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Jessica Sims said...

awe thanks sis!!!
love ya tons && i'm glad that you understand the umbrella now!!! lol!