congrats Ladies.

you went for it


so the fashion show segment of homecoming is today & im not going, simply because im never impressed with the show
a baltimore show.


poor Freddie


i cant stop laughing
sis do you see this?
tumblr it lmao



so i guess im gonna start going to Broke & Boujee

{yes this is REALLY made after Frankie, Keyshia's mother}

the AUC's official songs for the semester lol

oh & Young Lyxx "Mackin Hangin"



congrats Merner Hall
the infamous CAU Suites
as for the rest of you...
nice try
im proud of you as a class though


already my favorite <3


got this shirt from my sisters tumblr{http://ilmeilyilher.tumblr.com/} & it made me think of this song


even though i have half of these songs already


Marcus Lupfer: TopShop

.day 2.

freshmen step show today @ 7
2013...GO HARD.
2012 set the standard for u
lets see how u do


it was sorta difficult for me to find a pic of my boy alone since he's soooo popular & all lmao
but i been promising him a shoutout so here it is
Mr. Carl Devonish!
ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS prepared with the jokes
i swear he needs his own show!
stylish & all that good shit too
Carl i love u my dude
always keeping me outta fights & ready to make my stomach hurt from your packs



so i went to the Neo-Soul concert today & these are some songs i fell in love with



so yesterday i spent 6 hours helping set up for homecoming!
i was tired afterward but it was worth it, the decorations are amazing!
pics coming soon!
i am too hype for the concert we're having Trey Songz, Gucci, & supposedly Keri Hilson!
SPELHOUSE kill yourself! lmao
Duval is gonna be apart of our comedy show & the Greek step show ALWAYS is the highlight of homecoming...
i am curious as to what the freshman show will look like...they are sooooo dry as a class so i think it'll just be something to laugh at.
for $40 i think its a great line-up{check a few posts back for the actual line-up}


really random thought:
my friends are BADD
i wish i felt like posting pics for this but there are too many good ones...
so ill leave that to the imagination


so me & him were talking about clothes today & he couldnt believe i liked MTTB lol

& we had the same favorite

even though i hate pink


the funniest shit in LIFE
me & Yani were no good


i actually went to this concert when i was like 10

the praise dancers performed this today & it touched me for some reason

i never understood why ppl cry in church but i did today




so she's pretty badd...
glad she removed that PINK hair...


he was harsh, but the way that boy was talking back, he probably needs this




by far the ghettoist video ive ever watched, but i used to love this song lol



so we play this out in 201

& i so love it because Brooklyn is the man.

i HAVE to get to NY next summer to visit my roomies

Ms. Bronx & Ms. Manhattan


the girls & I are gonna skip coronation, it was WACK last year.
However, we will be in attendance @ Morehouse's


this is for you Jess



makes my heart smile


how about i love these ladies
my little blessings
oWw Nesh
oWw Shaunia


  • im his applesauce
  • where is the cold weather?
  • shopping, shopping, shopping
  • i need a vacay
  • the sun is ATTEMPTING to peak thru the clouds, amen
  • i hope this goes well tomorrow
  • if i walk to this class & its cancelled, my prof will be receiving an email
  • i love "You're All I Need" -MM & MJB



downtown ATL....
Lord plz watch over us

.eff the world.

i wanna feel like this when i kiss him...

whoever he may be...


-Antonio Berardi




i woke up in an amazing mood today, MUCH better than yesterday.

this song always gets me through.


catch yall after class...



he didnt do the best rendition but it will suffice until i find the actual Jaheim one...

the lyrics are what matter lol



you left me this weekend & its not the same w/o you lovie... hurry back to me!!


another night of hmwk... i guess im being a nerd this semester...


in case you're wondering...
im content.
see you in December.


Jessica makes classic pumps...& they are always comfortable
i buy these every year & every year i need a new pair, a woman should not be without a black pump

i think ill really be into boots this winter...




so ive mentioned my mother twice today on the blog {i dont think i ever have before}

so i figured i'd put a face to the name...


the video is hood but i like the song.

everytime i see him i laugh because my mother loves the man.


so my mother has published a short story & a poem
i called my house today to ask my brother to find the book but he couldnt find it so womp to him
but when i find it ill be posting it, i remember them being really good...


aww she seems genuinely hurt.


today i woke up & decided i wanted a tattoo REALLY bad
i just got one before i came back to the A
but i want another.
i'll stop at 8...i think. lol
if i dont get more ink this weekend im getting a piercing...
where is the question....


so ive always loved her for her singing abilities...

but shes a great actress & imitator lol



so have you ever liked someone....
until you actually sat down & talked to them?
then it was over...
i guess we still sometimes like the thrill of the chase & the mystery.
oh well, NEXT!


-Berthe Morisot


i still dont see what picking up trash is supposed to teach him....


i listened to this song 30 times tonight {literally}

it got me through the roughest break-up of my life & i forgot how amazing it was...

thanks B!



probably what ill listen to on the way to class.
rainy days are BLAH.
catch you guys at 2.
be blessed!


this gave me my morning laugh.



so i cooked...


walk it out darling


i still think Hello My Apple shouldve been 1st


this song is everything


& like 30 of the other pics i saw were pregnant girls! is that the new thing???
"im pregnant but i can still go to the club?"
no ma'm!


i NEED them





the love of my life
tired of the performance but this face is priceless
oooo weee! GaGa you give me fever honey!


just for my boo @TayStyles

but WTF is Lil Mama doing up on stage?

i just dont get it


i dont care what people have to say about him being a G for this or any other BS they can think of...

and if its scam to get ratings, MTV should be off the air




this is how i wanna feel.


this last one yall HAVE to see...



.on his feet.

so...as you may have seen me Tweet or FB, i have this fetish with spotting Baltimore dudes on campus...lol

its really weird because I spend so much time with my brothers & homeboys at home that I just memorized the walk...
thats all I go on is when one of them is walking in front of me.
& I always say looking at their feet confirms my assumption.
I think thats sort of a Baltimore thing looking at a guys shoes before giving him the time of day. I never noticed I did it until I came here...
at orientation I was like "Oh he's cute, but not with those Air Forces" or whatever lol.
rude? maybe...but every region has their do's & dont's

my friend used to always say "his shoes dont make the difference" but at this point I just cant get past it...

anywho, I used the pic of Foamposites because they are signature at home & I love love love when a guy has them on!! Especially around here, because they have to be from home, DC, NY or VA which is close enough. At home we call them "dope dealers" or "dopes" & I cant tell you how many times Ive been laughed at for THAT! I think I became addicted because my ex had them in EVERY color, thanks to me...but my Grann always said "Buy a guy shoes & he'll walk outta your life" lol
but whatever...




"every guy wants to love 1000 different women, but a MAN knows how to love 1 woman 1000 different ways"
& Frankie says "dont forget about them girls that just want a niggas thousands"


.born day.

HAPPY BDAY LADIES! i miss u both!



ok so today im in AA, buying unnecessary things lol
& i see this bow tie, im sitting at the counter for nearly 20 minutes trying to adjust it because i want it as a headband lmao
the girl tells me "that doesnt fit around heads just so you know" before i could tell her to mind her business these silly bitties knock over the legging legs in the window & she had to go lay them out...
but anyway the point is i put it down because she rained on my parade then i come online & find one of the "ways to wear it" is a headband

eff that lady!


they are STILL fine!

Fizz still sounds 6

but they are STILL fine!

the dances were ok...

but i love the song & the beat

headed to Jamglue to download it!

.half ton.

so this is my 500th post
which compared to my fellow bloggers may not be much
but i am proud of myself!
i fell off a minute there but some of my DAILY readers laid me out so i had to pick up the pieces...
i hope i have pleased everyone thus far & there is plenty more where all that came from!
i know every reader doesn't follow me because they dont have a Google account but you can still comment anonymously or leave your name!

just comment this post if nothing else & tell me how ya'll think i'm doing & anything you would like to see more of!

thanks guys sooooo much!



.new fam.

we have a new addition to apt 201...
world say hello to Nike Kolaa


Police say the St. Paul man, 30, was on drugs and enraged because his son was wearing blue -- a rival gang's color.
A St. Paul man is charged with a gross misdemeanor after he allegedly ripped a shirt off his four-year-old son and hit the boy for wearing a rival gang's color.
Kenny T. Jackson, 30, was charged with malicious punishment of a child in Ramsey County District Court, according to a criminal complaint dated Wednesday.
St. Paul police arrested Jackson on Tuesday afternoon after they responded to a 911 call from a home in the 500 block of Sherburne Avenue, the complaint said.
The unnamed caller, who said he was Jackson's stepfather, reported that Jackson was on drugs and "destroying the house." The stepfather said he was hiding in a bedroom because Jackson was yelling and throwing things, and he was afraid.
The caller said Jackson was angry because he is reportedly a Bloods gang member, and his son had been wearing a blue shirt, the color of a rival gang.
Jackson was breaking things in the house when police arrived, the complaint said. He fled on foot and tried to hide in the trunk of a car but was apprehended.
Police found the boy shirtless, scratched and crying. A 5-year-old in the house said Jackson had "whooped" the boy and two other children. Another child said the man was angry because the kids were wearing blue clothes, and that they couldn't eat because they were scared.
When questioned, Jackson denied the allegations and asked for an attorney, the complaint said.
On Thursday, a judge ordered Jackson not to contact the 4-year-old, according to Paul Gustafson, a spokesman for the Ramsey County attorney's office.
Court records indicate that Jackson was ordered last month to serve time in the county workhouse for a probation violation stemming from a 2003 drug conviction, Gustafson said.
Jackson has a court hearing scheduled for Sept. 10.



just some more graphics i found...
you guys can guess what kind of mood im in lol
it'll fade sooner than later