i am soooo proud she's doing her own thing

& well

.best i ever.


this makes me miss the Game again


.give it up.

i still dont get it?

u steal our music


disappoint us with this WACK dance...

come on 673

.ill be your groupie baby.

the best groupie love song ever...


.for the haters.

the best part HANDS DOWN!



my favorite BET awards status:
Olivia Hooper: dear jayz & bey, why are you the cutest couple in the world && bey how did you learn to get past that face!?

.for a legend.

i can NOT believe the Game is in a tub!!??


this is sick!

.another one.

& yet we lose another familiar face...

.fashion break.

so my bookie went to Boston & came across this & tagged me in it on FB...im just a little sad that 'U' is crooked

.something like that.

one of those nights.



fave song on the album


i found these old pics of Baltimore...
route 40
howard street

im not sure what street this is


There was a time …When I was pretty unsure about Everything regarding you

Didn’t know if you wanted to kiss me Or your lips were just twitching

But I wondered if u felt it too…

No way to know where this is going But I’m ready…

Can’t Officially say were going steady

But you are my apple And I want to take a bite

You May be hard on the outside

But you’re oh so sweet inside

i Love when you say you’re calling just to say Good night

my Apple Good night my Apple

Goodnight My Apple Goodnight

Sometimes I feel like seeing what your doing

But i Feel like I’m getting on your nerves

So I pretend like it don’t bother me

That its been bout a week

Since you’re name was on my caller ID

No way to know where this is going But I’m ready…

Can’t Officially say were going steady

But…You are my apple And I want to take a bite

You may be hard on the outside

But you’re oh so sweet inside

I Love when you say you’re calling just to say Hello My Apple Hello My Apple, Hello

My Apple Hello

Well I hope you don’t get the wrong Idea But i can’t get over you’re loving my dear

And Please don’t take this the wrong way But I mean every word that I say And I just want you to know…

That you are my apple And I want to take a bite

I especially love it When you’re kissing goodnight

You are my apple and I want to take a bite I especially love it when your kissing me goodnight

You are my apple And I want to take a bite

I’m hard on the outside

But I’m oh so sweet inside you Love when you’re calling just to say You’re just saying Hello

My Apple Hello My Apple, Hello My Apple Hello


.arrest me.


.man is more than male.

.my everything.

"we're not sarcastic we're hilarious

we're not annoying we're just cooler than you

we're not bitches we just dont like you

we're not obssessed just bestfriends"

i saw that quote today & thought of her...
then she posts this Bomb Ass pic jus now
looking sweet in all her preggo-ness
ily Stink


i miss writing...

.u had me.

if i could play this 3 million times a day

it still wouldnt be enough

shed tears.


RIP to two legends....

.itty bitty.


watch yourself

ask questions

because you


be safe friends
its a chain reaction


{at the playground by my job}
{i thought this was hilarious...maybe bcuz it was late lol}

.Bey in Bmore.

My brother Blair went to the Beyonce concert @ the Arena the other night & had a blast evidently & everyone is talking about how he sang to her & HE wont stop talking about it lol. He is a true fan & its the cutest thing. Anywho here are some pics of the night:

{singing to him}

{this pic is breath taking}

{SYMONE: Ms. Dollface herself}


.moving out?.


1) Cincinnati - Central Pwky./Liberty St.

2) Chicago - State St./Garfield Blvd.

3) Miami, 7th Ave./North River Dr.

4) Jacksonville - Beaver St./Broad St.

5) Baltimore - North Ave./Belair Rd.

6) Kansas City - Bales Ave./30th St.

7) Memphis - Warford St./Mt. Olive Rd.

8) Kansas City - Forest Ave./41st St.

9) Dallas - Route 352/Scyene Rd.

10) Richmond - Va., Church Hill

11) Memphis - Bellevue Blvd./Lamar Ave.

12) Dallas - 2nd Ave./Hatcher St.

13) Springfield, Ill. - Cook St./11th St.

14) St. Louis - 14th St./Dr. Martin Luther King Dr.

15) Little Rock, Ark. - Roosevelt Rd./Bond St.

16) Philadelphia - Broad St./Dauphin St.

17) Tampa - Amelia Ave./Tampa St.

18) New York - St. Nicholas Ave./125th St.

19) Chicago - 66th St./Yale Ave.

20) Baltimore - Orleans St./Front St.

21) Cleveland - Cedar Ave./55th St.

22) Orlando - East-West Expy./Orange Blossom Trail

23) Detroit - Mt. Elliott St./Palmer Ave.

24) Chicago - Wallace St./58th St.

25) Chicago - Winchester Ave./60th St.


plz let August come

i miss the Accent

& my Dready

& Mr. Mechanicsville

& Lil Bit from Mcdonalds

.if only.

& i really miss feeling this way

this break would go much smoother

but im willing to wait



you are my heart.
& nothing can ever change that.
no matter how much i grow
u grow
we grow
you still have a piece of me
as i do

thank you for everything
& if this is how our friendship has to go from now on

'tis better different
than NOT

.apple pie.

come ON Becky!


.how in the heck?.

i wouldnt be able to enjoy myself @ a party like this lol
{Jessi THIS is Skateworks}


not good enough...


.late night.

some of my fave tweets i recieved last night & this morning:

FeeBarbiefollow my hunny @Couture327 cuz when it comes to mutilating wack bitches she gets the job done. no evidence!

IamDeejdollaz@couture327 lol he'll get over it fuck him he needs all the friends he can get tho thats why he keep tryin be cool with auc ppl

Baby_BlairLTH rolll call we have two inductees..@couture327 and @symoneollface as long as yall up latenight yall rolling with the LATENIGHT TWIT HEADS

elliottp90@couture327 so is this right?




my heart goes out
i adore u both

Chillin f. Lady Gaga - Wale

.promo baybee.

met him tonight via live stream web cam!

& he's cool beans...

so that means PROMO time...

{any friend of my bro's is a friend of mine}




come ON Patti!

she coulda been my teacher...



i miss IT

IT makes you






& so many other things

both good & bad

but damn

i am so ready

.every every girl.

my bro just sent me this link...

Trey is a fool





So for the entire month before I came home I whined at the fact that I missed my mother, chicken boxes, dopes, & other things that my city is famous for. So the DAY of my last exam I hopped my yellow behind on a plane to the 410. When I got home & saw my family I was overwhelmed with joy and I felt at peace & comfortable. As the days went on & my mother went to work & my brother went to school, I sat & sat & sat & sat...& before I knew it June was here. THANK GOD for that because I start work on Monday. my whole point is, I was sooooo ready to come home {as so many of us were} and now that I sit in this bed & browse FB, myspace, twitter & blogger-I realized I have a new life & it isnt in Baltimore...


kennethmckoy@Couture327 hell-- get you one on the side and bring in that coin lol, def in search of a sugar mama. buy me gucci, feed me lobster!
my Ky always knows what to say

.fresh as fuhk.

i miss this chick...
& all her craziness
especially things like this...

.miss michelle.

is it me or is there something wrong with this picture?



this lady can BLOW!

thee best i have seen since ive been searching this song on Youtube!

this song hits home for me & she brought me to tears....

keep blessing us with the talent God gave you honey...

.trust me.

i have loved this song since i heard it & honestly it is one of the two songs i liked on the album. Keysh is an amazing artist but Monica is a legend & certainly proved that...

.baby Dayna.

i love you already



this should be good.


i spend a lot of money in this place...

jus a little promo...