i am NOT impressed.

for him to be such a good actor on Degrassi i half expected his video's to be worth watching.

guess not, but it doesnt take away from his lyrical genius!



2 songs i used to PLAY OUT!!!!

Shany Shia (Skit) - Ashanti

Too Little Too Late (Spanish) - JoJo


no one can tell me she isnt preggo

such a beautiful family

.not anymore.

ya'll just do not know how proud i am of her...


i love that God blessed me with the gift of writing
but i sometimes wish i could capture breathtaking pictures...
i like to search graphics & i always find ones that are just so creative to me
once i find more i'll post them



this is HOT....
happy bday MJ...


OMG so my friends and I HATE this song & the commercial, & my damn roomate has the ringtone...

i just think this isnt the REAL MJB

i mean dont get me wrong im happy she's "found happiness" but you cant tell me her best music wasnt when she was wearing dark glasses to hide her habit & her ass whippings lol

sorry im just sayin!



.u wish.

how the AUC partied before classes began!

shout out to Marky Starks for showing them how to jerk



so i know i've been slipping dear readers, but i started classes yesterday & i've been sick too! this damn ATL weather is weird! but i'll be up & writing massively this weekend so stay tuned!

thanks a million



if i do not get one of these in the next month
consider my life over



.what ive been waiting on.

hot shit!

thanks buddy {}

& to that reader that said "estelle would've done the hook better"

the whole point of the song is ROC nation! therefore putting that record label on a pedestal, last time i checked she was signed to Atlantic, NOT Rocafella...

get your facts right before you voice your opinion...


thats it...
im outta here tomorrow...
look forward to MANY more posts now that ill be back in the A...
those fools on campus & around ATL are HILARIOUS!
its been real Baltimore, but i g2g!



is there ANOTHER Kardashian on the way?


if i lived then, i would be top notch


one more day of work
still have PLENTY of packing to do
i think i wanna get a gallon of Snickerdoodles from The Great Cookie to take with
hmm i think thats all
{this time last year i was late night Promenade Pimpin} lmao



so i FINALLY started to pack
& i got tatted today
some of my to-do

.good genes.

my sister is WAY hotter than yours...


.sweet 16.

T'Yanna Wallace

.@ the rink.


i guess they take anyone now huh?



-thanks B


been slipping on my countdown but NO i still havent packed...
but i have seen three of the four ppl im gonna miss DEARLY
had an excellent time in OC...
starting my final week in Baltimore until December...

.i thee wed.

the funniest vid i've seen in a long time, it gets better every minute.


sick of THAT


.CAU fame.

so proud of you Tony...



more memories

this was filmed MONTHS & MONTHS before the song became so popular might i add...

AUC how i miss thee


i wish i had the embed code for this cuz its too live & i think its tacky to make you search for the vid
but anywho, click & enjoy!!


two of my fave guys.


so i was talking to my cousin Tyler {on the left} about her new venture to NC A&T.
she is enjoying the freshman life so far & i am BEYOND proud, not only of her making it to college[which i never doubted] but her courage to attend an HBCU miles away.

& the baby on the right Bri, i am proud of her as well, growing up so fast becoming a lady right before my eyes. going to all the little parties i used to, its so precious. i miss being around them so much & i am excited to see whats next for the two ladies!

im always here.


love them too!


i missed her

i havent watched one of her vids in so long

but everytime a song is stuck in my head i go see if she has sung it & sure enough lol...

im so proud of her!!


how do we feel about it?


they ALWAYS come back ladies, save your tears

.good ish.




a week & a day
still not packed
still havent spent time with {you}
sooner than later people...



yet another one from CAU

doin it up

my fellow classmates are BEAST in the talent department

making moves,coming straight from the c/o 2012

Ive never heard him sing live at school for anything {at least I dont remember} but i have watched his videos {} & he is remarkable

VERY rare that we find genuine talent in 2009 but you did it boy! lol

congrats & I sincerely wish you well


i still have a shitload of things to do

  • go to the DMV
  • PACK
  • spend time with Snickerdoodle & Stinky
  • get Dayna's carseat
  • PACK
  • see Mar & Ash
  • fill out school papers
  • PACK
  • an entire week of work left lol
  • oh & did i mention pack?


what was outside my window this morning
the result: a paddy wagon pulling up to take 3 ppl away...
a day in the city...