.too cool.

love it...

but whole time my bro G & Mark been puttin us on since way back foreal

{this makes me miss u two}


im pissed they messed with my hubby


ok so i live for Teyona Taylor's phrase "Big F*ckin Sh*t"

its kinda the equivalent to Philly's "hype"

Atlanta's "thirsty" & "doin the most"

sooooo on that note ill be posting a BIG FUCKING SHIT daily

here is todays...

that lace front is OVER honey...

plz dont get caught bein a BIG FUCKIN SHIT

.what we been waitin on.

im sick about the keyboard he has tatted on his arm...

.Status of the Day.

today its from urs truly...

ive had a rough few weeks since ive been home & i found some words in my heart to keep me going

"i wish i could go back to the day when all the negative change began, jus to see what went wrong, but then again maybe this was the plan all along...everything isnt supposed to last forever & the new way of things may be in preparation for something beneficial...i wont be letting any of this get me down too many reasons to smile"

cuz im a tough f*ckin cookie...right Fee





.status of the day.

this may be the beginning of something beautiful

she is truely one of a kind & thats what this world needs

fux with u Fee

"ladies stop talkin about the shit a nigga has bought you then have the audacity to tlk about what you'll "never do" bitches its a recession not a discresion! if i buy a nigga some jordans i want ATLEAST two complete hours of head. its 09 dont nobody do shit "from the heart" no more quit playin. silly rabbit bitches!"

.right decision.

ok so i posted the sole Ne-Yo version awhile ago, but it seems the version that'll be dropped features Brandy...

ehhh idk how i feel about that

.Stadium Music.

i really wish "Girlfriend" or "Bi-Polar" would've been their next single!!

.can u keep a secret.

new single


i am living for Chanel's 2009 footwear...

.reality set in.

"Tiny & Toya" coming June 30th to BET

coming to BET August 25th

.& this is how we do.

had to take this from Sis

my family

.my dominican brotha.

let me tell u how when i was ELEVEN i loved F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S
& for the longest time i got big red circles around the word fabulous on my papers in school because i didnt know he was spelling it wrong lmao
my mother used to tease me bcuz of his ears but i didnt care
but then he "fell off" & so did my crush...
BUT i saw him at Lenox (the Columbia of Atlanta) where you can find ANY star- new or old school hanging out & i fell in love all over again...
anywho, NEW MUSIC!!


.3 year old drama.

baby girl is fedup ALREADY...

believe me mama it wont get any better...


.put on.

B ur ish is gettin tough


.love muffin.

yes! i need this hair....

.Status of the Day.

my Mook has matured so nicely...

"Gotta remember....Every real nigga aint perfect...and every perfect nigga aint real... So all u girls out here that b stucc on stupid thinkin ya nigga the most perfect in the world....u stupid...We all got flaws....Fucc...But im real enuff 2 kno that we all need 1..and wen i get her..den i got her...and i bet a nigga cant get her....But i can get theres!!! ;)..GM$T Lmao"


ugh this song speaks VOLUMES to me from a time when i used to be naiive...

i wish i knew then what i know now

well maybe not cuz then my record wouldnt be clear lmao

.truley missed.


.say it.

some quotes from my fave movies...


this is the SWAG SURFIN the AUC knows of...

since December we been surfin...


jus for you bro...

yea she IS bad tho
heres the whole shoot


& u chose "Mr. 106 & Park" as ur sidekick...




.be there.

hit me for more info


.Status of the Day.

so i told ya'll i may have more than one per day because i have some deep friends...

so this one comes from my friend{& secret crush lol...shh} J. Perry

"[memories] can sometimes blur your vision of reality. but when shit hits the fan, you seem to always come back to your senses; no matter how hard or [unwanted] it may be. Life can be like scattered thunderstorms... either a hit or a miss. Just keep trying to get more hits than misses so you can [make it rain]"

real talk...

.distance plays no part.

so this jus goes to show that no matter how far apart my sister & i are, we STILL have the same mind...

love u Snickerdoodle
[they may not get it but i know u do]


parents plz moniter ur child's internet activities...
they may be easily influenced...

.my how time flys.

oh em gee remember him?
from Parenthood?

.google that.

could it be?

.Status of the Day.

from my buddy Josh!

love this guy...

"To love a person is to learn the song that is in their heart, and to sing it to them when they have forgotten"



who has the better wear?

.Status of the Day.

i somewhat know Jevon [we had Psych together] but from what i know hes cool ppl...

his status relates a lot to my current situation & how im feeling so i had to choose it for the day...

thanks J

"Time for me appreciate what I got and what im getting cuz I am missing what is gone"-jevon


.if i was a RichGirl.

hot shit...

.Status of the Day.

none other than Deej

it reads:

"who has music on their answerin machine anymore"

now i had MANY to choose from [being as tho he changes his status 1232737 times a day] but who doesnt??!! anywho...this stuck out because its time for people to GROW UP....

thanks bro
{follow him: IamDeejdollaz}



any day...


he deserved it...


2:30 & listen closely...

.Status of the Day.

so i've decided to this once a day...

being as though i have plenty "friends" on FB i may end up with more than one per day...

the one i chose today is from Cam...

"I sure hope these pregnant hoes aint at the club 2night....."

lmao who knows if its subliminal or w/e...

knowing him it means exactly what it says

miss u Cam!

.you had me up.

ill never find anything like what we had.

thats what scares me most.


.such a big.

nothing but Single Ladies slowed down...

& notice at the end when she does her own dance...


B cant dance unless its choreographed

& the video?




a tad better than B...


.best i ever had #392373.

swizzy rappin on A. Keys?


.not "lil" anymore.

ill be ur juliet anyday.

finally mature.


Secret Video From T.I.'s Farewell Party from Gyant on Vimeo.

see u soon brah

{check out Dro's drunkin ass}


Andye J kills it...

.new new.

"A baby New-New is on the way. has learned that actress Lauren London is indeed 5 months pregnant! This time it’s not just another empty rumor. And that’s the reason we haven’t seen her out and about in the last 3 months. She actually made one appearance since February and it was at the Next Day Air premiere last week. But interestingly, all her pictures were only taken from the bust and up.
Back in February, YBF, caught up with Lauren and asked her about the pregnancy rumors that were swirling back then–and of course she denied it. But our source–who’s actually a Hollywood celebrity themselves–slipped up in a recent convo with YBF and spilled the beans. As for the father of Lauren’s baby–we’re told she confirmed it’s Lil Wayne! Yes, we’re serious. Remember when we posted exclusive pics of the ex-couple back in Weezy’s hometown of New Orleans?
We got further confirmation of Lauren’s pregnancy from a celeb’s manager. Apparently said manager received an acting role for his client after it was first offered to Lauren. When the manager asked why Lauren wouldn’t take the role, the manager was made aware of Lauren’s pregnancy status. We’re told Lauren’s taking time off from her career as her current conditions aren’t “favorable” right now."

can u believe it????????

whats funny is they have been on & off since 2000 and had matching tatts. i couldnt find Lauren's but here are Wayne's.

thanks MT


.dubba dubba.

remember him?

the cutest.

.kill the DJ.

my dream come true.
more info?


TI’s year-long prison sentence on federal weapon charges has now been reduced to 61 days simply because he stayed out of trouble after taking his plea deal last year they are accrediting him 305 days that he served on house arrest.

"Tip will serve his 2-month stay at the Forrest City low-security federal prison in Arkansas, and must report there by noon on May 26th. When he gets out of he slammer, T.I. will remain on probation for 3 years and have to pay a fine of $100,000."

.the 703/757.

maybe i shoulda moved to VA....


my favorite book is being made into a movie to be released this year, directed by Lee Daniels this should be nothing short of amazing.

i suggest reading the book before seeing the movie to capture the full story...

the cast is A list:

  • Mariah Carey

  • Mo'Nique

  • Paula Patton

  • Sherri Shepherd

  • Lenny Kravitz

i will be the first one in the theaters lol


this is by far my favorite movie...i always cry at the ending


after hours of searching i found the designer for the now famous dress Melani wore...

his name is Kevan Hall

check him out

.until next time.

let me tell you i LIVE for this show & the Friday show made me CRY...

not jus *sniff* im i was boo hooin...

anywho...the dress Mell wore in the wedding was to DIE for & she was everything in it...

missed out on the season? last season? well there is a person on youtube who is just as obssessed with the show as i am but they were kind enough to post all the seasons & omit commercials and everything...

also there is major talk about the CW making this the final season

we can NOT let this happen so to prevent it go to the CW's website and blog about why they should keep it on(

but 106 & Parks' Terrance says that if they turn the show off BET may have to keep it permanently

i dont care if they out that joint on buyin it




(410) 802-0542

.turned tables.


.boobie baybee.


Keysh & Daniel