Ok so tonight I went to Taco Bell with my bookie DeChelle & we were chatting about the difference in Southerners & Northerners....[dont even get me started]. So to just prove our point, we hear this noise behind the car, look & its a group of people standing behind the car. The guy on the left had his hands up like it was on a wheel & he was CRACKIN up. Chelle rolled down the window & asked simply "is there a problem?" & in their southern accents they said "naw we just kidding". She rolled her eyes & the window up & said "see..." lmao. I truly adore people from the dirty but me being from where I am the "friendliness" is too much at times. I like it but that was just extreme. At home they would've got LAYED out for standing close to someones car...then we look & its a huge group of them. They are from Stillman College & came here on a bus. The bus didnt wanna take them through the drive-thru so they WALKED!
i hope this doesnt offend anyone im just keeping it real & telling it how i see it...[if this pisses you off think about how we feel when you guys ask us if we carry guns & why we're always so hostile]

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Tawni said...

Do ppl actually ask you why we're so hostile?? Lmao. Wow.