.Swept Off My Feet.

So today i was at the Mall of Georgia getting my shop on in Forever thing i know the freakin fire alarms went off IN EVERY STORE. The associates went right on ringing people up & letting people try things on. I walk up to one of them like "Ok so whats going on?" She ever so calmly says "Oh its just a tornado" WTF??!! So being as though we do NOT have those at home I asked her "When were you going to inform your shoppers?" she said "I take it you arent from here" Before i could respond the security in the mall instructed us to move against the walls of the store and remain calm. YEA RIGHT! I was flipping out & i will admit i shed a tear or two. Hours went by & after checking with my roomate on the news, I left the mall. I am so blessed to have made it out safely, after praying repeatedly. This is not something i want to experience again.

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