.Cherry Is No More.

ATTENTION! ATTENTION! Someone has just joined the "Blogger" scene. Say hello to Miss O AKA My Baby Mama BKA My Wifey! Also a member of the infamous DMV and a student here @ CAU, "Baby Hoop" is something else. My dad always said there would be one person you meet who no matter how your day is going, seeing them will let you know there are good ppl in this world. O is that lady. With that lively smile, chic style of dress, & witticism she is sure to make you laugh. Anywho, i effn adore this woman & if you disagree [[kill yourself]] meaning that in THE nicest way.
heres how an average convo of ours goes:

"my dearest O:whilest sitting in my room...i said to myself "self?" & myself said "hmm?"and i said "write on O's wall" & myself says "damn good idea"and whadda kno HERE I AM...
~P "

"ugh, that prob. just made my day !!! i heart u end of story. everytime i think of juicy couture i also think of youso i think thats a good example of love. just some reflections.
lovingly yours - wifey piece/shawty junt "

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Anonymous said...

ahhhhhh i love u wife :) !!!