So today is my 20th birthday & I can no longer be called a teen =) I'm so blessed to see another year & I still can't believe I'm TWEN-TY! lol I have been through a lot since last March 27th and looking back, I'm thankful. I met a SLEW of new people, who I've grown to love, a group of kids (from work) that made an impact on my life, improved my college experience (academically & socially), started a wonderful relationship (i love you Snook), became closer than ever to my Sister and my best friend in this world blessed me with a god daughter. I would say I've had a good one. There is so much I want to say in this post, so much gratitude I want to show but my mind is doing 982982 things (as always) and it's difficult. I want to thank my mother, best friends, Jess, boyfriend, Amber and DEFINITELY my big sister Shatawn for helping me through some rough situations, even if they couldn't do much, they listened & most times that's all I needed. I wanna thank my blog readers, ya'll mean more to me than you know =)
Thank you for ALL the love/txts/phone calls/tweets/fb posts/songs/videos/oovoos & skypes I got!!!!
This year will be good for me, I've known that since January 2010 but now I can really celebrate =)



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Tawni said...

I LOVE YOU MORE SWEETHEART! im glad you had a great birthday and hopefully youre here for your 21st so that we can get wasted together...not that we already dont ;)