i've been getting all types of responses & tweets & FB chats about my postings on here. this is for EVERYONE. i have all different types of things & people in my life. everything isn't about a relationship or even about me!! i dont know how many times i have to say that! i guess because the internet is known for its drama lately, people assume that MUST be what it's about. i will post what i want, how i feel, & what i think because it's my blog & whether i post things or never say another word about my life, people are gonna talk...that's just how it is. YES its my blog so most of it is about me but no more questions, attitudes or making up scenarios about what/who this post MUST be about. i will not censor anything at anytime for anyone, i've never done it in my writing & i wont start now & if thats too difficult for anyone to get past, no one is making you read, & i mean that in the nicest way, but as always i appreciate the hits =)

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