so i was cleaning my laptop out & i found these pics, just thought i would post them...

me & E baybee at Fridays! Xmas Break
my Stephie & me, invading J Rocs room
thats not even Jess' bed
always got caught in a candid
we escaped off campus for the 1st time freshman yr so i was feeling good
Mr. MattyMakeItWork (and Yani on the side) shout out to DC, this was literally my 3rd day in ATL =)
Stephie!!!! she made me love Philly
i really still feel this way about him lmao jk Dukester, & i remember Jess turning to me & saying "girl what the hell kinda shoes she got on" in the most country voice ever

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natalya said...

Lmfao!!!! this picture make me crack Up laughing EVERY TIME!!