i got a phone call today from someone i JUST blogged about & how bad i made them feel about something i said to them...but i apologized sincerely because they admitted they knew where my sarcasm & emotions came from. for them to notice how wrong they were & how they hurt me & how it changed me...forever, meant a lot & showed maturity. they asked "do u believe people can change?" and i said "no, people do what they want to do when they want to do it & they're only sorry when its too late"...they agreed and said they have no excuse for how they did me but they aren't the same person they were yrs ago. i said that they're actions caused me to have a hard time believing when someone says "i'm sorry" & "i'm gonna change/do better"
but after we hung up it made me realize when i'm hurt i speak from that & maybe i should think sometimes before i lash out, even though i don't yell & curse my sarcasm is always right on time. i also realized i only speak up to certain people & situations, they always say pick & choose your battles but they never said let EVERY thing slide...

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