Day 3: Parents

as with many things in my life i am blessed with more than enough!! I have 2 sets of parents & I just couldn't find a pic of my brothers dad

(thats my Grann in the pic) my mother has been my everything since the day she found out she was having me. she was a high school mom but she walked across that stage at the top of her class & straight into a government job so that i would never want for anything . She has always let me be myself & become the person I am today on my own. Giving her advice when needed but never being GUARANTEED support, love, inspiration & everything else!! ily Pookie =)

the man not pictured was there for me since i was 3 yrs old & i appreciate everything hes ever taught me! im not gonna go into it because he'll prob never see this but ily Kevin =)

my dad & step mother have been my distant support...although i dont see them everyday i never doubted their love for me. when i see them its like ive lived there all my life...thank you so much for everything & ily both

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