so im watching Tyra & im gettin really upset because these little girls are talking about marrying rich men to be happy. i just dont understand how you can teach your child that...let alone that young! im so happy i wasnt raised that way & my mother has always been the independent example i needed. this reminds me of Valentines friend talks to this guy here & he told her not to make plans that day so they could go out.....early in the day he went to get her some nice gifts (chocolate, a bear etc) and then kept pushing back their time to go out...soon she realized their plans would be cancelled because he had "other" things to do & he couldnt understand for the life of him why she was upset because she got gifts....WHO CARES
when the balloons deflate & the chocolates are gone & the card is old the time they could've spent would have been what she remembered.....i just think that young girls ( and guys ) should learn that because materialistic people will never truly be happy...
ok just had to vent for yall =)

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Jessica said...

soooooo... this is so about me! lol! glad to see that you understand me sis! love you!