i’d play video games with you ; i dont know if this is said a lot; but i love playing video games, and im always down to learn how to play more. but yeah. video games are something i enjoy doing when i feel like it.

i’d play any sport with you; just nothing that would get over-competitive.
i would cuddle with you ; while sitting, laying, anything really; and if we’re watching a movie, and if you fall asleep watching it, then i’d kiss you and let you sleep & i’d just finish the movie & fall asleep with you (:

i wont dress up for you; unless i feel like it, or its a date; but if we’re just chillin, then i would most likely be wearing sweats, baskeball shorts, or anything comfortable; guy’s clothes work too (:

i’d make you food and whatever you want. JUST DONT CONSIDER ME YOUR BITCH or whatever

i would love you unconditionally, i know thats hard for some girls to say, but i dont expect anything, like they say "the best kind of love is when there are no expectations

i would treat you like a friend, a boyfriend, a king, and the love of my life. as long as you treat me with respect & just like any girlfriend but better.

i would hug you like i wont be able to get another one, it would be long, tight, and full of passion hahah if thats possible? lol. but y’know.

i would hold your hand however you’d like. just dont let go.

i dont mind PDA, just dont take it over the top. LOL

i will tell you goodnight & sweet dreams, maybe not every day, but every couple nights maybe; unless you want every night; just please dont get annoyed.

i will be the first to text you, maybe not every time; but definitely, i wont be afraid to be the first one to text. i dont see whats so clingy about that.

i would keep you happy; and try not to get into arguments with you.

i will love you & we can build the forever part slowly.

& just because i’m your girlfriend, it doesnt mean i cant flirt with you still... never get too comfortable its important to do it to get & keep each other
very cute =)

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