"Parris! this note is weird because I kinda felt like this before. I was told to seize the moment "Carpe Diem" and live everyday like its my last and not to let the minor things get the best of me. There is someone out there for you, you just have to be patient and be mindful of every action/ thing that you say. Some things are meant to be and some aren't. I thought that there wasn't anyone for me and to be honest there are times when I still feel that way. You are a great person and you have so much to offer. We are both about to embark on a journey in our lives that will stay with us for the rest of our lives. There are plenty of us southern gents in the A and there are plenty of beautiful intelligent ladies too, so who knows? our single and lonely days may come to an end sooner than we think. Just keep an open mind and keep your head up. Always remember, if you need to talk you have the digits. We will be in the A in about 35 days so its all goodie. lol Well I think I have said enough so I will be ending this now! Peace & Love!

--ky. "

oh em gee!! Ky do u remember this?? lol

some of those words helped me more than you think

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