B-more what! You see, I'm from "THA CITY OF BMORE" if you slow

Its where you can take the lightrail, MTA or subway to get wherever you want to go

Its where Stop snitching originated Its a DVD not just something you see on a shirt, this is real folks

Where niggas can go to Security Square, Owings Mill, Towson, Arundel Mills and Mondawmin (if you brave) Malls for they whole fuckin' wardrobe!

We the home of da Ravens never a Redskins fan its a battle of the beltway

We are apart of the Maryland School system but more corrupt than any other

When we in Hammerjacks, The Dox, Redwood Trust, 5 mile House or just crusin through the harbor we throw up them signs and rep where we from (Park Heights, Belle and Garrison, North and Longwood, White Lock, Murda Mall, Edmondson Village, Baltimore & Catherine, Down da hill, Harford Road, Greenmount, Woodlawn, Baltimore & Hilton, Westside, Eastside, and South Baltimore)

We dont get out of school unless it is a serious matter (i.e Snow up to your knees) We rep "THA CITY" in white tees, throwbacks, Capris, Nike Boots, Rockports and shirts airbrushed with our names, our hoods, our dance cliques, or our lost loved ones.

We have a language of our own we say "Bmore, Baldamore, What you know about up the hill muva, tew, dew, doug " No matter what time of the year it is you can catch us rockin feather raps, long braids, corn rows, rods, twist, dreads and Mohawks(ladies) and fellas rockin braids, twists, dreads, low cuts and deep waves, fros, bald heads with or without the sideburns, and clean ass fitted hats.

We know that a CHICKEN BOX (4 wings, fries with salt pepper Ketchup) and a half and half, is all it takes to fill us up

But most of all we love that CITY. So if you from the CITY and you love it no matter what others think put dis on yo wall and every wall you see.! And for those of yall who dont understand try to BMORE like us!!!!!!!!!!!!

LMFAO i found this on someones page earlier and it was just another laugh that i needed...

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Tawni said...

OMG I REMEMBER THIS THING...i used to post it evverrrywhere!