i was in a car accident yesterday...guy ran a red light & the entire back of my moms car is GONE.
i am so blessed that the Lord decided it wasnt our time to join him because i couldnt live w/o my mother & i know she feels the same. we had luckily just dropped my brother off to his dad so he was ok. i just cried when i realized we were ok. the car spun to face traffic but they had the red light so we werent gonna be hit. i was never a big "church" person, but i do know & have a relationship with God & i am truly greatful for his blessing. they say live everyday as if its your last & i honestly agree. kill the grudges & pissy attitudes. ITS ALL GOOD!

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Jas Cherise said...

im really sry to hear the unfortunate event but am glad to say that im happy that you came out fine. God Bless.