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"A baby New-New is on the way. has learned that actress Lauren London is indeed 5 months pregnant! This time it’s not just another empty rumor. And that’s the reason we haven’t seen her out and about in the last 3 months. She actually made one appearance since February and it was at the Next Day Air premiere last week. But interestingly, all her pictures were only taken from the bust and up.
Back in February, YBF, caught up with Lauren and asked her about the pregnancy rumors that were swirling back then–and of course she denied it. But our source–who’s actually a Hollywood celebrity themselves–slipped up in a recent convo with YBF and spilled the beans. As for the father of Lauren’s baby–we’re told she confirmed it’s Lil Wayne! Yes, we’re serious. Remember when we posted exclusive pics of the ex-couple back in Weezy’s hometown of New Orleans?
We got further confirmation of Lauren’s pregnancy from a celeb’s manager. Apparently said manager received an acting role for his client after it was first offered to Lauren. When the manager asked why Lauren wouldn’t take the role, the manager was made aware of Lauren’s pregnancy status. We’re told Lauren’s taking time off from her career as her current conditions aren’t “favorable” right now."

can u believe it????????

whats funny is they have been on & off since 2000 and had matching tatts. i couldnt find Lauren's but here are Wayne's.

thanks MT

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scooby6 said...

awwww lauren is so cute pregnant :)